Pulso Ensemble

Pulso Ensemble was born in 2019 as a continuation of the Container Galicia project. Focused on experimental music of new creation, Pulso bets on a discourse articulated around contemporaneity and the relationship/dialogue between the subject and the digital revolution. For the ensemble it is fundamental to deal from an aesthetic point of view with the sociological concepts that shape and define the thinking, actions and artistic expressions of the 21st century. All this lived and expressed from the national periphery, Galicia, proposing new spaces for creation and artistic debate.

The members of Pulso have participated in the main European festivals dedicated to new music, working with some of the most important composers of the international scene such as Michael Beil, Simon Steen-Andersen, Alexander Schubert, Stefan Prins, José Manuel López López, César Camarero, Fritz Hauser, François Sarhan or Marko Ciciliani. The artistic team of Pulso ensemble is formed by Sara Méndez Arias, María Domínguez Pérez, Pablo Paz López and Pedro González Fernández.