CONTENCO is a newly-formed musical trio comprised by pianist María Domínguez Pérez, percussionist Pablo Paz López and flamenco dancer Federico Ordoñez which connects two different languages and traditions, both flamenco and contemporary music, in order to create new languages and new forms of artistic expression. These three Spanish artists take a new step in their careers and immerse into a study and a personal quest motivated by the in-bound necessity to create and express themselves in a personal language, product of their own musical and personal experiences.

​Our mission is to explore the combinations of contemporary music with traditional styles like flamenco, creating a new language to expand new types of music to audiences that are not acquainted with musical genres from outside their borders— both geographical and conceptual. Also, our passion is to inspire, captivate, empower, educate, create and build communities through contemporary music and flamenco. We are dedicated to challenging the traditional concert experience, exploring music from the 20th and 21st centuries, supporting living composers, presenting programs for younger and adult audiences, embracing collaboration, technology and the avant-garde.

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