Karnatic Rhythm in Western Music

20th and 21st centuries music demand a new approach to rhythmical training, a training that will provide musicians with the necessary tools to face with accuracy more varied and complex rhythmical concepts, while keeping the emotional content. The profile ‘Karnatic Rhythm in Western music’ addresses ways in which the Karnatic rhythmical system can enhance, improve or even radically change the creation (be it written or improvised) and interpretation of (complex) contemporary classical and jazz music.


The aim of the course is to explain rhythmical techniques, devices and concepts, the various types of tala construction, the use of rhythm as a structural and developmental element and, last but not least, the use of mathematics to sometimes very sophisticated levels in South India enable western musicians to improve and enhance their accuracy and/or their creative process, making the study of Karnatic rhythm a fascinating adventure with far-reaching consequences.