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Chamber Music

Caravan for four performers

Michael Beil

Sensate Focus for bass clarinet, percussion,

violin, keyboard, live-electronics

and animated light

Alexander Schubert

Speaker Swinging

Gordon Monahan


Pedro González

Custom#1 for performer, video, percussion and


Óscar Escudero

Our glass bodies for percussion, piano, harp, 

violin, cello and guitar.

Jesse Broekman

Curvo totalitas for two synthesizers, Tam Tam

and thundersheet

Catherine Lamb 

Point Ones for violin, cello, saxophone/clarinet,

e-guitar, drum kit, piano and conductor

Alexander Schubert


Jeztz Genau for piano and six instruments

Pascual Dusapin

Díptico 68 vol. I for accordion, violin, clarinet,

tenor saxophone, percussion and piano.

Erika Vega


Ricefall for sixteen and more performers

Michael Pisaro

Les Mountons de Panurge

Frederic Rzewski

Lightness for four performers

Juliana Hodikson

Contrast for piano, clarinet and violin

B. Bartok

Ein Brief for piano four hands, typewriter

and amplifier pen

Aziza Sadikova

Birkhahn Studies

Robin Hoffmann


Lied for flute and piano

Toshio Hosokawa


Hommage a R. Schumann for clarinet,

violín and piano

G. Kurtág

Narayana´s Cows

Tom Johnson

A Rainbow in Curved Air

Terry Riley

Time with people, Opera.

Tim Parkinson

With paper

James Saunders


Robin Hoffmann

Three Studies for two voices

Alessandro Perini

Speaker Swinging for three or more


Gordon Monahan

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